3rd Annual Spelling Bee Fundraiser is a Success

How would you spell “hoi polloi”? If you don’t know, you are in good company. Even the self-described best spellers in the Shuswap had trouble with this one at the third annual Literacy Alliance of the Shuswap (LASS) spelling bee.

Held Friday morning at the Prestige Inn, this fun-filled team event challenged participants, made them laugh, and raised money for a worthy local cause, and all before nine a.m.  Participants dressed in fancy costumes and wild hats or sporting humorous banners enjoyed an early breakfast followed by a fiercely competitive spelling match. Last year’s runner-up, the Silverquacks, narrowly defeated past two-time champion, the Kween Beez, and in the process contributed to raising $10,000 for the many literacy programs sponsored by LASS. These include the Cyber Seniors computer program, Unplug and Play week held each January, and family and children’s literacy programs such as One to One reading and Financial Literacy, both of which are offered in most of the district’s elementary schools.

“It was great to see so many literacy supporters in one room, hamming it up, having a good time and doing good work for our community so early in the morning,” commented Darcy Calkins, Literacy Outreach Coordinator. Supporters included local businesses, One to One Lass volunteers, the medical community, members of the media, the school district, nonprofit groups and local book clubs. “LASS is so grateful for the wide community support it receives.”