Unplug and Play 2022 Schedule

The past 22 months of the Covid-19 Pandemic have forced many of us to rely on digital devices more then at any other time in history. Students pivoted to online schooling when needed, and parents grappled with zoom meetings and working from home. While increased screen time has been necessary for many of us, the importance of taking a break from online activities is also more important than ever.

Recent studies show adolescent’s screen time has doubled during the pandemic, resulting in many children spending up to 7.7 hours a day using screens for non-school related activities.

Global reports indicate that total Internet traffic grew by 40-60% during Spring 2020 lockdowns with increased screen time being linked to poorer mental and physical health outcomes.

The past year has been filled with many adaptations, however we are thrilled to see the return of Unplug and Play events. Whether participating in self-directed or in-person events, we encourage all Shuswap families to reduce or eliminate screen time during Family Literacy Week, January 22 through January 29, 2022!

Download a schedule of Unplug and Play events here or view our poster and enjoy some screen free family time.