ONE TO ONE Statistics from Vernon and Kamloops

If you are a volunteer in our ONE TO ONE children’s literacy program, you may have noticed we are tracking the PM Benchmarks (a reading level tool used in schools) of each student at the beginning of the ONE TO ONE session and again at the end. While we do not currently have the data compiled for our school district, we thought you would be interested in seeing how other ONE TO ONE programs in the area are doing.

one-to-one-pm-benchmarks-harwoodIn the first graph we have Vernon’s Harwood Elementary ONE TO ONE program showing the ten students’ PM Benchmarks at the beginning of the session in January 2016 (blue) and again at the end of the session in June 2016 (red). In just six months the students had increased their reading levels and four students were exceeding their intended grade level!


The second graph shows Kamloop’s Kidston Elementary ONE TO ONE program students’ PM Benchmarks in October 2015 (blue) and again in June 2016 (red). Pre-tutoring, ten of the students were reading at 1-2 grade levels below and six students were minimally meeting their grade level requirements. At the end of the year eight were exceeding, five were meeting, and three were approaching grade level!