Coyote Cafe Field Trips

Coyote Cafe goes to the Salmon Arm Art Gallery

On November 19, 2013, the South Broadview Coyote Cafe group visited the Salmon Arm Art Gallery for a look into Salmon Arm’s past. With the Coyote Cafe team – Terra Redwood, Launa Payne, and volunteer Percy Brackett – the students explored the gallery, and the “Downtown in Focus” exhibition, which compared historical and modern pictures of Salmon Arm, and the students enjoyed trying to find places that they recognized. Each chose a favourite pair of photos and wrote about the stories they could imagine from looking at the pictures. Director/Curator Tracey Kutschker gave an excellent presentation to the students, and they had a chance to do an art project as well, creating artist trading cards by cutting and pasting from magazines. The visit was a hit, and the group plans to return as soon as possible!

Coyote Cafe goes to Shuswap Lodge

On December 5, 2013, the Coyote Cafe group took a trip to Shuswap Lodge to buddy read with the senior residents. It was so much fun for both the residents and the kids, and we hope to go back soon!